Data collect about Anti-Money Laundering/Due Diligence/KYC data
Means any information that identifies You as an individual or that relates to an identifiable individual.

Whenever it is not possible or feasible for Us to make use of anonymous and/or anonymised data (in a manner that does not identify any Users of the Site or customers of Our services), We are nevertheless committed to protecting Your privacy and the security of Your Personal Data at all times.

 Data obtained from You

We collect from You, through interaction with You or through Your interaction with Us or our Services different kinds of personal data about you which we have grouped together follows:

a) Registration Data provided by you when you register and/or open Your Member Account  including first name, last name, username or similar identifier, date of birth, gender, country.

b) Contact Data includes permanent address, email address and telephone numbers.

c) Identification and Verification Data (Anti-Money Laundering/Due Diligence/KYC data) that include your name, surname, permanent address and proof, age, nationality, family members, degrees and qualifications, schools/universities attended, employment history and information, media involvement, financial status information (e.g. bank statement, source of income and source of wealth, tax information), masked credit card details, proof of e-wallet ownership such as Neteller, Skrill, Paypal, Paysafe, personal identification number (PID) in case of Swedish player, KYC documentation (e.g. ID card, Power of attorney).

d) Responsible Gambling Data (RG) including name, surname, Zip Code, email, phone number, country, date of birth, approved transactions (deposits and withdrawals), denied transactions (deposits and withdrawals), Identification and Verification Data, Self-exclusion Data,

e) Self-exclusion Data include data pertaining to you and your self-exclusion such as your Registration and Contact Data and your self-exclusion info such as reason, start and date, utilisation of self- exclusion tools such as exclusions, session limit, loss limit, wager limit, deposit limit, reality check.

f) Payments Data includes bank/payment account details, as well as information pertaining to a transaction such as currency, location, amount/value, client IP, user ID, token.

g) Transaction and Usage Data generated through your use of our Services (e.g. playing Games) and include payments to and from you (deposits, withdrawals, failed deposits and reversed withdrawals) and other details of Services you have purchased from Us (such as bets, wagers (real and bonus), wins), date and time of the transactions, account balances (bonus and real), bonuses used (conversion and forfeiture), bonuses turnover, bonuses balance, channels used, transaction games played, language, country, account balances.

h) Log in Data includes internet protocol (IP) address, your logins (first log in last login, last failed login), duration of log ins, browser type and version, time zone setting and location, browser plug-in types and versions, operating system and platform and other technology on the devices you use to access our Services.

i) Profile Data includes internal notes to your account, interests, preferences, feedback, information about events which you have attended; Your preferences as to whether you wish to attend any events, and what type of events you prefer; Any bonus/cash back deals, or bonus preference you have been offered or benefitted from; Whether you have received any giveaways or, and your preferences regarding what type of gifts you would like to receive; Your preferences as to contact channels; information regarding your hobbies and interests;

j) Marketing Communications Data includes your preferences in receiving marketing from us (opt in/opt out), as well as your Contact and Registration Data.

k) Other Communication Data provided by you in communication with Us (via recorded calls, chats, email, or SMS) which may include various data such as your intentions, interests, complaints, preferences, as well as internal communication and notes.

2.2. Data from different sources 

2.2.1. We collect information for AML/CFT purposes on the background of the player, which we source from third party providers (private companies working mostly with public sources), namely Bisnode, Call Validate, GBG Group, HooYu Ltd (previously known as Ltd) and which includes information whether player is politically exposed person and whether any international and/or financial sanctions have been imposed and/or information on any corporate or property ownership, court judgements and/or insolvency and with respect to Swedish players also taxation information for the purpose of establishment of the source of funds and source of wealth during the AML risk monitoring and due diligence process, which information is sourced via Bisnode Kredit AB. Moreover, background information is, using so-called OSINT analyses (Open-Source Intelligence) collected from publicly available sources (e.g. Google search, all social media services like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn as well as other services/sites like,,,, ).

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